The project respects the current needs of party entities of SNAOPSN, with effect to development of operational capabilities at the national security institutions level. The approach is not punctual or particular to one institution, but emphasizes the interoperability and alignment concepts to the communication standards of NATO and EU, using the newest technologies for the realization of SIIMA.

The update of methodologies (procedures, instructions), elaboration and testing of SIIMA demonstrates a level of operational technological maturity (from TRL 3 to TRL 7). The systemic approach in the solution projection opens the beneficiary’s perspective for future development. At the SIIMA module level, the beneficiary can scale the solution with new functionalities (data gathering flux, modified or improved, standardized interface) or to raise the processing, storage, applicative capacities (number of users, etc.). The opening and connection, in real time, to the information flux and to other informational systems of national security system is an undeniable advantage for the security environment in Romania, building up new national capacities integrated in action.

The mid-term results, on phases, have triple capitalization:

  • they represent the input for the next phase;
  • they represent monitoring landmarks;
  • they represent material for the dissemination and promotion of offered solutions.


Project Results Realization Indicator Phase
1 Fundamental study for integrated solutions, independent and safe with the SNAOPSN specifications 1 integrated study (TRL 4) I
1 Documentation/technical concept for the SIIMA solution (SIIMA model) 1 technical documentation (TRL 5) II
1 Preliminary technical version of SIIMA integrated solution. 1 technical concept/ Beta version of SIIMA (TRL 5) II
1 SIIMA final integrated version Prototype SIIMA (TRL 6-7) III
1 Technical documentation for administration, execution and maintenance 1 documentation of execution, maintenance, administration, etc (TRL 7) III
1 Certification report for the SIIMA prototype 1 documentation/ certification report (TRL 7) III

Dissemination methods of results are multiple, depending on the target group’s requirements:

  • project website;
  • result publication at national/international level, in ISI, IEEE, BDI (ICI & UPB) indexed magazines;
  • result integration in academic courses (master in Advanced CyberSecurity – UPB);
  • result dissemination in the constant participation to international and national conferences, where the Proceedings are indexed (ISI Thompson or BDI);
  • conference organizing and roundtables for the result dissemination.