• Research and analysis reports for the applicable conditions of SIIMA (technological, legal, socio-economical, operational, solution identification, etc.)
  • Study and analysis reports for the SIIMA Specifications (operational, security, software) and of communication system;
  • Definition and establishing the architectural model, SIIMA components and communication system (security, operational, hardware, software);
  • Conceptual model of architecture and components (SIIMA model);
  • Task books for the public acquisitions, required for the hardware equipments, secured informational applications necessary for SIIMA and its communication system;
  • Functional modules of technological SIIMA model and for the communication sustem, tested in lab conditions (beta version) and also the technical reports/documentation.
  • Certified SIIMA prototype, certification report, source code, technical documentation;
  • User’s manual, admin’s manual, exploit and maintenance manual;
  • Periodic reports;