In the context of current technologic fast development, the projection, analysis and implementation of an integrated system for activity management is a vital for any public or private institution or for any system of organizations that interact.

The financing tool SOLUTIONS (SOL) has enabled innovative solutions to be delivered as a good (product / service / manufacturing process) in response to a public administration issue. Projects within the SOL are awarded through a competitive process, the beneficiaries being responsible public authorities from SNAOPSN.

Thus, the SIIMA project – the winning solution in the competition SOL 2017 – Integrated IT system for the management of activities was assigned to the consortium consisting of:

  • National Institute for research and development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest
  • National Defense University ,,Carol I”
  • Politehnica University Bucharest
  • SC Safetech Innovation
  • Greensoft Solutions SRL

Project duration: 02/04/2018 – 31/03/2021 – 36 month

Project value: 9.153.697,00 lei

  • budget amount: 8.000.000, 00 lei
  • co-financing amount: 1.153.697,00 lei

The project identifies modern architectures, based on services/ micro-services facilitating the compliance with the European Regulations for Personal Data Protection (GDPR), the raise of security level and the resilience in informational domains, also the inclusion of emergent technologies in the development of integrated information systems of activity management.

Through this proposed technical project, we aim to emphasize, besides the fulfilment of specific functional objectives related to the integrated activities management system, especially the non-functional properties of the platform, as results from their architecture and from their used instruments, technics and standards, offering the platform and the organization the capacity of standardization and moreover, of creating the premises of extensibility of the software instruments that offer, as a whole, entire support for the ongoing organizational activities.

This middleware platform can represent the main core of the informational system and can provide the organization with infrastructure services that serves, unitarily, the component entities of the informational system.