Participation in the international conference Strategies XXI 2019 – ICI, UPB, UNAp, SAFETECH

The international scientific conference “Strategies XXI – Complexity and Dynamism of the Security Environment”, an event organized by the Center for Strategic Defense and Security Studies of the National Defense University “CAROL I”, was held on November 14-15, 2019. The conference provided an adequate platform for both dissemination of scientific research results obtained within the SIIMA project and for establishing new contacts with potential partners within education and research organizations in the country and abroad.

Thus, on the second day of this scientific event, the members of the project team Meda UDROIU and Ștefan-Antonio DAN-ȘUTEU moderated the section of the conference entitled Resilience of the national security system – core element of regional stability. Within this section, members of the SIIMA project team from ICI, UPB, UNAp and SafeTech presented 8 scientific papers, as follows:

  • Meda UDROIU, “Critical infrastructure modeling and simulation”;
  • Meda UDROIU, Victor GÂNSAC, “Cyberthreats to critical infrastructure and IOT”;
  • Meda UDROIU, Ștefan-Antonio DAN-ȘUTEU, Ionica ȘERBAN, “An integrated platform for project management”;
  • Ștefan-Antonio DAN-ȘUTEU, Răzvan GRIGORAȘ, “The future of european security. Measuring resilience”;
  • Octavian FRATU, Maria-Mădălina ANDRONACHE, “Cybersecurity is a way of life”;
  • Octavian FRATU, Iulia-Alexandra GUDOVAN, “Intelligent threat detection in IOT”;
  • Simona HALUNGA, Carmen FLOREA, Marin BOGDAN, System architecture and requirements for a simulation platform of cyber attacks for IIOT devices in smart city environment”;
  • Carmen FLOREA, Viorel SURDU, Victor GÎNSAC, “System architecture for IOT devices in the domestic environment”.

The presented communications were positively appreciated by the participants, a fact demonstrated by the subsequent debates that took place on the challenges and solutions associated with the integrated management and the security of information flows specific to public institutions. The papers will be published in Conference Proceedings [ISSN 2285-8318 (print) / 2285-8415 (CD) / 2285-9896 (online), ISSN-L 2285-8318] and indexed in the ProQuest and CEEOL international databases.