Main objective: The development of an integrated informational system for activities management (SIIMA) that ensures the management of information, resources and activities of public institutions, through functional software modules and informatics applications (open source). The proposed solution ensures the fluidization of informational flow, resource management improvement, inter-institutional interoperability through offering a versatile, safe and resilient solution that can be customized according to the specific requirements of entities of SNAOPSN (National Defense System for Public Order and Safety). SIIMA Project ensures: functional decoupling of modules (keeping the interoperability), functional modules standardization, implementation of extensibility facilities, reuse of components and processed and stored data security. In the end, SIIMA will be integrated and tested at the public entities level, which are limited partners of SNAOPSN.


General objectives

Solution identification

  • adaptable to the public institutions specifics;
  • realizes the integrated management of activities, resources, information and communications of a public institution through an informational system, based on software and open source applications;

Designing the informational system (modular program):

  • based on software and open source informational applications;
  • replicable and adaptable to the specific of the public institution;
  • integrates found solutions and
  • allows the adaptation and customization of applications at the specifics of the institution and to the modifications made to the functional environment;

Validation of integrated system and informational solutions

  • running tests and evaluations at the party entities level, especially for those in SNAOPSN.


Specific objectives

Automatization of process management and public institutions activities system;

  • taking into account the dynamics of institutions activities;
  • with the possibility of monitoring, updating and optimization, in real time, or existing procedures;

Automatization of institutions project/program management;

  • through automatization of elaboration, management and monitoring

Automatization of resource management;

  • dynamic management of activities (evidences) and
  • reporting of actives, stocks, administrative and management activities of all the resources of an institution;

Automated management of information and communication.

  • automatization of internal information circuits;
  • automatization of electronic documents management and of document transfer between institutions, with the accomplishment of information security requirements and of establishing the common agenda between the party entities;